Thursday, April 12, 2012

Moving Felix ...

Can yall  believe that I have blogged two days in a row???  Maybe I'm turning over a new leaf??  We will see!

The Second Event

The barn where I have kept Felix for the last year closed.  The lady decided to get out of horses at least for now.  I think she will find her another place to rent and make a go at it again after awhile. The worst part about it was that she chose to tell everyone on Facebook!! Really??  What kind of way it that to do business? She gave us 30 days to find another place.

I had to find a place for Felix.  Mind you, I don't just stick my precious Felix just anywhere. I contacted one of my old friends, JennyO,  who used to train me on my old horse many moons ago.  At her house she has a five stall barn built on to her separate garage.  She has pastures and a riding arena.  She only owns two horses.   JennyO takes GREAT care of her horses and now she babys Felix too.   Felix LOVES his Auntie JennyO!!  This arrangement has potential to help both of us.  I get great care for Felix and good riding conditions without a lot of congestion ( no crowds in the arena). Plus I get to save some money.  JennyO gets additional income along with some help around the place. She is having knee surgery at the end of the school year and I will also help then.  

I had problems getting Felix to settle enough to ride him.New place and he decided to act up. He was being naughty so I got the trainer from our old barn to stop by and ride him.   She looked at Felix and said the classic "He does not strike me as a naughty boy but a nice sweet boy."  Ofcourse Felix was looking at her with his angel eyes.  :)
That was before he started be naughty with her.  She worked and corrected him over and over and praised him for doing right.    I rode the next day but was armed and dangerous with a crop.  He briefly thought about being naughty but I stopped that with a smack with the crop.   He was good after that.

I hope our problem is solved.  I can NOT have him doing that rapid backing up on me!!  I have always been told that the next step is rearing which it a very dangerous and bad habit.  That is why I called in the pros. I wanted it fixed before he finished working up to rearing and to be shown how to deal with it the right way. We have been good every ride since.   I rode on Sunday, while JennyO and her hubby were having a lazy morning.  I had the best ride!!  I was riding and laughing in the arena and even in the pastures. JennyO appeared right after I finished riding. She was getting ready to call me to see when I was coming to ride.  Too late!!  I would have called her from my cell but I did not want to intrude on their couple time.  Heck I know the strain horses can put on a marriage especially when one partner is not into them.  My ex-husband once told my mom that if he didn't know better he would think I was cheating.  They both agreed with confidence that I was out riding Felix.  Sad but true.   Anyhow, I stuck around and kept her company as she rode.
 We have fun together. I sure hope this works out.   Friends and business sometimes don't mix.  In this case, I think we both will benefit.  Win Win for everyone including JennyO's hubby. 


Mrs Count said...

I hope it works out too, it sounds like a lovely home for Felix.

CowgirlCre said...

@Mrs Count - I went out yesterday to find that she had made this cute little wooden name sign with Felix on it to match her horse's with a treat of baby carrots waiting for him. How sweet is that? She is a good Auntie JennyO

Adrienne said...

Awwww hope it all works out!