Wednesday, April 24, 2013


For as long as I can remember DaddyCre has always had a motorcycle.  He and one of his brothers that passed about a year ago always rode motorcycles.  I mean they rode HARD!!!  They raced and did wheelies and all kinds of crazy crap. My dad used to occasionally ride down the expressway on his Kawasaki 900 with the extended chopper front with his feet up on the handle bars all laid back.  He even got pulled over and the cop would not even give him a ticket because he was amazed.   One of my earliest memories is of going to the Kawasaki dealership with my mom and dad.  I remember looking at a long row of bikes inside the dealership.  I went from one bike to another  asking " Daddy,  Is this a motorcycle?" over and over down the row.  My mom said that I even had a blue jean outfit of pants and a vest that I LOVED to wear with my white high top hard bottom shoes.   I remember as a child my daddy putting me on the gas tank in front of him riding around the parking lot of our apartments.  I think I was the only one who really loved it.  We used to be able to heard my dad's bike well before he even turn on our street and KNOW that it was him.  Which worked out because if us kids were doing something wrong it gave us a good 5-7 min heads up!  :)  As I got older my dad would turn on our street and do a wheelie ALL the way down the street.  That would embarrass me so bad !!  I did not like and extra attention and I wanted my dad to be like everybody else's dad.  Their dad were not doing wheelies.  I did not mind him riding his motorcycle though.  The couple of time he took me to or picked me up from school  were the best!!  I love that.

Bike is similar to my Dad's last one. Dad's was jet black with red pinstripe. SWEET!!

With all that said I  guess the fact that me and my best friend both thought our first vehicles were going to be motorcycles was not a stretch. We both ended up being a little bit more practical and got cars.  Every so often I still think about getting one. Years ago my play big brother Kendall got a motorcycle.  Yep... Lil sis had to got ooh and aah  over it. It was sweet.  He even told me then "You know you can get one."   Over the year I have often thought of getting one and learning how to ride.  My dad has stopped riding, my uncle is dead and my brother has sold his bike.    NOW,  I finally decide to explore this motorcycle riding thang. 

I found this place that gives lessons and supplies the motorcycles and helmets Yep, I found them Monday and I'm going today for my first ride.  Wish me luck!!!   If I like it I will be taking the full class to get ready for my license.   I will then probably get something like one of these motorcycles with all the chrome!!!

2003 Honda Shadow Spirit 750

2003 Honda Vlx600 Shadow

I might be a biker babe in the making !!!  Or maybe I always was .... my daddy just did not know until this week.  :)  LOL!!!