Thursday, June 14, 2012


Last week my nephew called me and asked to spend the weekend with me.  I had told him that we were going to start working on him learning how to cook some quick and easy stuff.  At 12 years pf age, he should know how to do some stuff.  My niece called me to see if I could keep her two kids (Shy 4yrs old  and Nic 1 yr old). I agreed to help her out because she had to work the weekend.   I had a house full of kids and they were busy!!  Hats off to all yall moms out there.  Here are some pics from the weekend.

Little Nic was yelling at Solomon at first.

The kids and their Uncle Zac taking over my Kindle
 Zac and I was trying to show Shy how to jump rope. She was jumping her little heart out but just wiggling the rope infront of her. LOL!!  What do they do in recess/ PE in pre-K??  They don't jump rope I guess! She was not discouraged she kept trying on and off the whole weekend.  :) She will get it.
Shy trying to jump rope

Blow up mattress in the middle of my den

Shy and Dora. Swiper!! No Swiping!!

Nic !!

 We got to the barn and I looked down at Shy's shoes.   I told her she had them on the wrong foot.  She put her hand on her head and said " AHHH man  I ALWAYS get them wrong!!" :)  But she can tie her own shoes!!
Shy shoes on the wrong foot

Nic looking at the little dog Bailey at the barn

Shy on Jenny-O's horse

Zac on Jenny-O's horse
I got on Felix and rode for less than 2 minutes and I hear "Auntie I got to use it!!!" Not "potty" but "use it" !  Where did she learn that??  Damn what timing!!   I had to get off and take shy into Jenny-O's house to the bathroom.   
Lil Nic was walking all over the place with his unsteady drunk man walk. He would have about 3 good solid steps followed my at least 2 unsteady ones.   Even Solomon just watched him.  He got used to walking around Solomon.  At first he did not want Solomon sniffing or looking at him.   Before the weekend was over he was walking back and forth around him. He never got brave enough to touch him.

Zac was busy all weekend playing games on my Kindle and playing with the kids.   I looked around at one point and Shy was laying on the bed singing to and petting Solomon.  His eyes were almost closed and he was loving it.  Now I'm sure she will be back asking me about him EVERY TIME she see me.

They all seem to have fun.  I had fun too!!  They are funny.

Monday, June 4, 2012


My Saturday was very crazy.  I finally got out to see and ride Felix.  I rode him and decided to give him a quick bath. JennyO suggested letting Felix graze on the lawn while he dried off.   I was slightly reluctant but decided he should be fine.  I got ready to get Felix to put him up and he decided that he was not finish eating grass.  He had been acting funny with me that day.  I feel it was because with MamaCre having her surgery and then I was sick, I have not been out to see him.  He is use to me coming out around 5 times a week.   My horse took off and ran up the long driveway. He was getting it!  It is gravel driveway and there was gray dust flying from his hooves. 
 I tried to get him to run into one of the pastures but he ran across the STREET (Mind you it is a rural street where people drive fast)  I was running and praying that a car would not come around the corner and hit my horse.  Everything was happening in slow motion but my mind was going fast   Someone just bought the property across the street and nobody has even seen them. The driveway is so steep until you can not see the house on the hill.  I ran across the street  up their driveway thanking God that the had a farm gate. Then I realized that they did not have a chain or anything to hold it close.  What good it a gate if you can not close it?  Then I saw some nice size drainage rocks. I used one to hold the gate close.  I ran the rest of the way up this driveway just in time to see Felix's head disappear over a huge drop off.  I was praying while rushing up this hill  that it was not a hole with my horse in it.  Felix was running around in a sloped grass area that had wash out spots.   He kept running around and eat grass.  I needed help. So I ran to the front door of the house and rang the door bell and knocked on the door.  Nobody came.  Damn!  Then I said "Lord what am I going to do?" Should I just leave him and run across the street and get help and a bucket of grain?   Then I heard the door open to the garage.   A man came out with just a pair of shoes or shirt.  I was talking a mile a minute as I explained that my horse ran over from across the street.  I realized that I had not introduced myself and we did a quick intro.   I then had to do a double take  because his name was familiar to me.  He even remembered me.   I knew the guy and he is one of the trainers that I was going to try to take lessons from.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?  He went back into the house and put on some clothes and came out  to help.  He walked to Felix kinda around the way and that STINKER let him catch him!!   I was SO relieved!!  I was still mad at him though!!  I then asked the guy about lessons and he gave me a price and told me to call him.   Felix found us a trainer.   Yall I have never had my house running wild in the street.  CRAZY!!  THANK GOD my Felix is just fine!!
God looks after his animals both large and small.   Thank God for that!!