Monday, December 9, 2013


This weekend was very dreary and cloudy and COLD. Too much going on all at once with the weather. I need for it to be either rainy or cold but not both at the same darn time.  I was able to get Daddy Cre to go with me to pick my bike up from the repair shop. We were able to take advantage of the only dry time of the weekend.  Daddy Cre really likes my bike. Since I am still not really road ready and definitely not expressway ready, my daddy drove it for me.  He followed me to a deserted parking lot.  He hopped off gave me my fly helmet and got in my warm car.  I put my helmet and gloves on and drove off.  It was MY first ride on my very own bike.  (I wish I had pictures) I had other people riding it for me  to check it out.  We all agreed it needed some work, which is why it got put in the shop.  I rode around in the parking lot practicing shifting up and down, turning, and stopping.  It was awesome!!  I was so excited!!  I was scared that I had forgotten what I learn in my class.  I had a blast!! The feel of my bike between my legs the power and control of the throttle.  The wind slipping around and over my leather jacket. AWESOME!!!  I will be a frequent cruiser of my subdivision on my bike.  We then swapped back and went to my house. Yep I even went for a spin in my subdivision.