Sunday, November 18, 2012



How long does it take to get over .. pass ... or fully recovery from a divorce??  I get so tired of people asking me when was the last time I heard from my ex-husband.   We don't have kids together so what people think we have regular scheduled phone calls, dates, or LAWD forbid booty calls..  NERP!  

Clearly we had major problems or else we would not be divorced.   One of my aunts asked me if I missed him.  To be honest  I miss certain things but  for the most part  the things I now miss are kind of non specific that comes along with marriage.  I miss being part of a team and working together to build and run our lives.  Mostly the companionship and hearing someone else bumping around in the house. See things are kind of non specific.  That made me kind of sad because what the heck does that say about me??  About my marriage??  Then my aunt asked me did I miss my dog I had to leave behind ( I got Solomon. Ex got Blue).   I had alot to say about him because I missed Blue.  During the divorce I really worried about Blue because He was joined at the hip with me even more than Solomon.  He would wait on me to get home and be on the lookout if I was late coming home.  I was his person and he was my favorite boy.  I was glad to see that he had accepted my ex as his person once we parted ways.  This conversation made me realize that as my marriage was failing my four legged boys had my back.  I became closer to both dogs and the horse.  When I was upset  the dogs fretted over me.  Blue spent many a days curled up in my lap like he was a pocket book dog instead of a 60 lbs boxer lab mix.  Solomon spent his time keeping me company.  Lawd Felix endured me brushing the crap out of his coat. He was the best groomed horse in the barn.  I was able to escape the stresses of my life by flying over jumps on Felix.  I think that is why I had so much to say about the boys  than   ex husband.  Still What does that say about me?? 

Thursday, July 12, 2012


I was off work from  July 4 th  to July 9th.  It has been a while since I have taken multiple days off in a row.  It was LOOOOONG overdue!!  I even left early on the 3rd!!   I got Felix shipped over to another farm where one of my old trainers works.  I rode EVERY single day!!  I only wore my flip flops and my riding boots during my vacation.  I still got up early so I could drive out to the farm and take my lesson before it got too hot!  We rode in a jumping field, in an area, and went on trails.  Felix was GREAT!!  We both had the most fun!!!    All the other horses just loved Felix!  They would all try to hang out around him.  It was very cute. 

That barn had these nice  sliding stall doors and I could not believe that there were no locks.  I was thinking that I was going to have to rig up something to keep Felix put because I knew that my horse was gonna let himself out.  I could not believe that all the horses the never let themselves out!!  So I asked on of the workers there about it and there were locks on the doors just in a location that I had never seen.  Yes laughed about it.   Well one day, I rode Felix and put him in his stall but did not lock the door.  I went on cleaning and putting up my tack.  People were sitting around and talking about 6 feet from Felix's stall.  I was walking back  toward his stall and noticed that he had used his nose and lip to slide his door open and was standing in the door with a hoof out the door!! (Stinker!!)   I called his name and his eyes got as big as saucers!!  Caught!!!  He pulled his hoof back in an backed away from the door.    He had to be over there quietly working on that door for no one to even notice him !!  :)

I spent my lessons trying to break bad habits and work on my body position.  That is very hard work.  I have to fix my left position and decrease the use of my left hand.    Very hard work!!

I took some pictures but I do not feel like looking for the data cord.  Sorry! I will have to post the another time.

This week at work has been very trying after my vacation.  I was as happy as I could be even out in the blazing heat riding Felix and other horses.   OHHHH to be independently wealthy !!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Last week my nephew called me and asked to spend the weekend with me.  I had told him that we were going to start working on him learning how to cook some quick and easy stuff.  At 12 years pf age, he should know how to do some stuff.  My niece called me to see if I could keep her two kids (Shy 4yrs old  and Nic 1 yr old). I agreed to help her out because she had to work the weekend.   I had a house full of kids and they were busy!!  Hats off to all yall moms out there.  Here are some pics from the weekend.

Little Nic was yelling at Solomon at first.

The kids and their Uncle Zac taking over my Kindle
 Zac and I was trying to show Shy how to jump rope. She was jumping her little heart out but just wiggling the rope infront of her. LOL!!  What do they do in recess/ PE in pre-K??  They don't jump rope I guess! She was not discouraged she kept trying on and off the whole weekend.  :) She will get it.
Shy trying to jump rope

Blow up mattress in the middle of my den

Shy and Dora. Swiper!! No Swiping!!

Nic !!

 We got to the barn and I looked down at Shy's shoes.   I told her she had them on the wrong foot.  She put her hand on her head and said " AHHH man  I ALWAYS get them wrong!!" :)  But she can tie her own shoes!!
Shy shoes on the wrong foot

Nic looking at the little dog Bailey at the barn

Shy on Jenny-O's horse

Zac on Jenny-O's horse
I got on Felix and rode for less than 2 minutes and I hear "Auntie I got to use it!!!" Not "potty" but "use it" !  Where did she learn that??  Damn what timing!!   I had to get off and take shy into Jenny-O's house to the bathroom.   
Lil Nic was walking all over the place with his unsteady drunk man walk. He would have about 3 good solid steps followed my at least 2 unsteady ones.   Even Solomon just watched him.  He got used to walking around Solomon.  At first he did not want Solomon sniffing or looking at him.   Before the weekend was over he was walking back and forth around him. He never got brave enough to touch him.

Zac was busy all weekend playing games on my Kindle and playing with the kids.   I looked around at one point and Shy was laying on the bed singing to and petting Solomon.  His eyes were almost closed and he was loving it.  Now I'm sure she will be back asking me about him EVERY TIME she see me.

They all seem to have fun.  I had fun too!!  They are funny.

Monday, June 4, 2012


My Saturday was very crazy.  I finally got out to see and ride Felix.  I rode him and decided to give him a quick bath. JennyO suggested letting Felix graze on the lawn while he dried off.   I was slightly reluctant but decided he should be fine.  I got ready to get Felix to put him up and he decided that he was not finish eating grass.  He had been acting funny with me that day.  I feel it was because with MamaCre having her surgery and then I was sick, I have not been out to see him.  He is use to me coming out around 5 times a week.   My horse took off and ran up the long driveway. He was getting it!  It is gravel driveway and there was gray dust flying from his hooves. 
 I tried to get him to run into one of the pastures but he ran across the STREET (Mind you it is a rural street where people drive fast)  I was running and praying that a car would not come around the corner and hit my horse.  Everything was happening in slow motion but my mind was going fast   Someone just bought the property across the street and nobody has even seen them. The driveway is so steep until you can not see the house on the hill.  I ran across the street  up their driveway thanking God that the had a farm gate. Then I realized that they did not have a chain or anything to hold it close.  What good it a gate if you can not close it?  Then I saw some nice size drainage rocks. I used one to hold the gate close.  I ran the rest of the way up this driveway just in time to see Felix's head disappear over a huge drop off.  I was praying while rushing up this hill  that it was not a hole with my horse in it.  Felix was running around in a sloped grass area that had wash out spots.   He kept running around and eat grass.  I needed help. So I ran to the front door of the house and rang the door bell and knocked on the door.  Nobody came.  Damn!  Then I said "Lord what am I going to do?" Should I just leave him and run across the street and get help and a bucket of grain?   Then I heard the door open to the garage.   A man came out with just a pair of shoes or shirt.  I was talking a mile a minute as I explained that my horse ran over from across the street.  I realized that I had not introduced myself and we did a quick intro.   I then had to do a double take  because his name was familiar to me.  He even remembered me.   I knew the guy and he is one of the trainers that I was going to try to take lessons from.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?  He went back into the house and put on some clothes and came out  to help.  He walked to Felix kinda around the way and that STINKER let him catch him!!   I was SO relieved!!  I was still mad at him though!!  I then asked the guy about lessons and he gave me a price and told me to call him.   Felix found us a trainer.   Yall I have never had my house running wild in the street.  CRAZY!!  THANK GOD my Felix is just fine!!
God looks after his animals both large and small.   Thank God for that!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


The last few weeks have been crazy!!  I will have to catch you guys up on some of the events. Here is one of the MAJOR ones.

My youngest niece graduated from GA southern University.  Lord!!  I am so proud of her. She stuck it out and completed with a BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry.

My Daddy, my nieces, my nephew, and I

View from the grass on the hill
 We had to sit on the grass to watch the ceremony after our 4 hour drive.  MANNN my family showed up pretty strong for this special occasion.   The program was so long some of the student got up  after they got their degrees and just walked off in search of their families. O_O  No church figure no nothing!!  I started seeing folks in caps and gowns standing behind me.  My niece probably wanted to get all her moneys worth bc she helped pay for that program! LOL!!  At the end they had their school mascot an eagle named Freedom fly from one end of the football field to the other.  It was very impressive to those who haven't seen it.

It was a perfect day for an outdoor ceremony.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Every morning during the week I feel like this ....

I have it BAD yall !!  On Sunday nights I go into denial mode. I act as if I do not have to go to work in the morning.  I stay up late doing everything from cooking to cleaning.  I mean cooking  at 12 or 1 am is a bit too much when you are supposed to be sleep.  Then I will also looking on Net.flix or regular television for something to watch.  I guess I think if I don't go to sleep, I will not have to get up and go to work in the morning.   I need to take some time off BAAAADDD!!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


This is a quick post for one of my readers who always encourages me with my sewing endeavors.  I have a really nice sewing machine.
I used to sew a little when I was in middle school. All my projects were really simple and for beginners. I want to start back sewing.  I WILL make that happen.  Just with work, going to ride Felix, and doing my regular house stuff, I have not fit in any time for sewing anything for me.   I have sewn for ... (drumroll)  FELIX!  Yep the things I do for that horse of mine!!  He wears this collar that prevents him from cribbing. 

Straight from Wikipedia - Cribbing involves the horse grabbing a solid object such as the stall door or fence rail with its incisors, then arching its neck, pulling against the object, and sucking in air. The negative consequences of cribbing has been linked to a higher incidence of stomach ulcers and are also defined as risk factors for certain types of colic. Colic can also be a consequence of wood chewing due to the ingestion of wood splinters.

When he cribs, he makes a funny noise that drives me crazy.  I know what he is doing when I hear it. It means my baby is doing something that is bad. He like most horses learn this behavior as a baby and will probably always do it when not stopped  by a collar.   That was probably more than you non horsey people probably wanted to know and you horsey people probably already knew all of this.  Anyhow the collar will sometimes rub a horse raw or just leave rub spot where hair have a hard time growing.  They actually sell covers for the halter.  I showed my mom the covers one day years ago and my mom said "I can make those if we had the material."  I looked around online and found a place that sells the faux sheepskin material by the yard.  I have never purchased another set. We made our own pattern and made improvements from the set that they sell in the store.  Well I bought my sewing machine a few years ago and started making them myself.  I have only used that sewing machine for making these covers and repairing Felix's sheet.    Here are some pics of my work.

Covers - 4 pieces - 2 tubes and 2 side triangle pieces
See the velco
Felix in the pasture at Jenny-O's

I have to carve out some time to try my hand at making ME some clothes!  Sewing for myself !!  Go figure! Especially since my reader and I both have ordered all kinds of fabric from a favorite on line fabric store. Co-enablers ....That is us!!  :)  I have even brought a handful of patterns too!!  Now I need time!  But if I have to choose between riding and almost anything, riding will almost ALWAYS win.   To the point where my house can be deeply in the need of cleaning but Felix's stall will be PERFECT !  I think only horse people will understand that.   It is CRAZY but so true!