Sunday, October 30, 2011


My dad grew up in south GA. He and his brothers learned to work HARD and become jacks of all trades. Between them they can fix cars, small engine equipment, large engines, wood work, roofing, planting, and so much more.  Today, finding a man that even has an interest in any of those things, is almost like finding a unicorn. 

When I was staying at my parents during my divorce my dad was having problems with his dentures. He and at least one of my uncles were using this guy who would come out to their houses to take impressions and return with the dentures.  This guy also comes back to make any adjustments for free. He seemed very knowledgeable and nice..Plus my dad's insurance covered him.  

My dad was getting impatient with the adjustments. He came home one day with a brand new Dre.mel tool and placed it on the kitchen table. 

He went around the house collecting stuff including an old makeup mirror with bright lights on the sides. 

I asked "What are you getting ready to do?" He said " I feel like I can adjust my plate myself better than the dentist."  OMG!! I tried to control my expression but my eyes probably looked liked saucers. I asked if he was sure. Then I had to leave the room bacause I KNEW I was going to lose it when he turned that thang on!!

I went to my room and heard the Dre.mel start up a few minutes later.  Thank God for my pillow that I used to muffle my SCREAMS and laughter.  The next day my dad was eating and chewing just fine. He was quite proud of himself for fixing his problem. 

Later, I told my UncleB (my daddy's bro) about it.  He told me "I have done that MYSELF!!"  I was DONE!!  I got a FAMILY OF DENTISTS!!  Yall aint ready!!  Heck I aint even ready!!