Thursday, July 12, 2012


I was off work from  July 4 th  to July 9th.  It has been a while since I have taken multiple days off in a row.  It was LOOOOONG overdue!!  I even left early on the 3rd!!   I got Felix shipped over to another farm where one of my old trainers works.  I rode EVERY single day!!  I only wore my flip flops and my riding boots during my vacation.  I still got up early so I could drive out to the farm and take my lesson before it got too hot!  We rode in a jumping field, in an area, and went on trails.  Felix was GREAT!!  We both had the most fun!!!    All the other horses just loved Felix!  They would all try to hang out around him.  It was very cute. 

That barn had these nice  sliding stall doors and I could not believe that there were no locks.  I was thinking that I was going to have to rig up something to keep Felix put because I knew that my horse was gonna let himself out.  I could not believe that all the horses the never let themselves out!!  So I asked on of the workers there about it and there were locks on the doors just in a location that I had never seen.  Yes laughed about it.   Well one day, I rode Felix and put him in his stall but did not lock the door.  I went on cleaning and putting up my tack.  People were sitting around and talking about 6 feet from Felix's stall.  I was walking back  toward his stall and noticed that he had used his nose and lip to slide his door open and was standing in the door with a hoof out the door!! (Stinker!!)   I called his name and his eyes got as big as saucers!!  Caught!!!  He pulled his hoof back in an backed away from the door.    He had to be over there quietly working on that door for no one to even notice him !!  :)

I spent my lessons trying to break bad habits and work on my body position.  That is very hard work.  I have to fix my left position and decrease the use of my left hand.    Very hard work!!

I took some pictures but I do not feel like looking for the data cord.  Sorry! I will have to post the another time.

This week at work has been very trying after my vacation.  I was as happy as I could be even out in the blazing heat riding Felix and other horses.   OHHHH to be independently wealthy !!