Thursday, April 26, 2012


This is a quick post for one of my readers who always encourages me with my sewing endeavors.  I have a really nice sewing machine.
I used to sew a little when I was in middle school. All my projects were really simple and for beginners. I want to start back sewing.  I WILL make that happen.  Just with work, going to ride Felix, and doing my regular house stuff, I have not fit in any time for sewing anything for me.   I have sewn for ... (drumroll)  FELIX!  Yep the things I do for that horse of mine!!  He wears this collar that prevents him from cribbing. 

Straight from Wikipedia - Cribbing involves the horse grabbing a solid object such as the stall door or fence rail with its incisors, then arching its neck, pulling against the object, and sucking in air. The negative consequences of cribbing has been linked to a higher incidence of stomach ulcers and are also defined as risk factors for certain types of colic. Colic can also be a consequence of wood chewing due to the ingestion of wood splinters.

When he cribs, he makes a funny noise that drives me crazy.  I know what he is doing when I hear it. It means my baby is doing something that is bad. He like most horses learn this behavior as a baby and will probably always do it when not stopped  by a collar.   That was probably more than you non horsey people probably wanted to know and you horsey people probably already knew all of this.  Anyhow the collar will sometimes rub a horse raw or just leave rub spot where hair have a hard time growing.  They actually sell covers for the halter.  I showed my mom the covers one day years ago and my mom said "I can make those if we had the material."  I looked around online and found a place that sells the faux sheepskin material by the yard.  I have never purchased another set. We made our own pattern and made improvements from the set that they sell in the store.  Well I bought my sewing machine a few years ago and started making them myself.  I have only used that sewing machine for making these covers and repairing Felix's sheet.    Here are some pics of my work.

Covers - 4 pieces - 2 tubes and 2 side triangle pieces
See the velco
Felix in the pasture at Jenny-O's

I have to carve out some time to try my hand at making ME some clothes!  Sewing for myself !!  Go figure! Especially since my reader and I both have ordered all kinds of fabric from a favorite on line fabric store. Co-enablers ....That is us!!  :)  I have even brought a handful of patterns too!!  Now I need time!  But if I have to choose between riding and almost anything, riding will almost ALWAYS win.   To the point where my house can be deeply in the need of cleaning but Felix's stall will be PERFECT !  I think only horse people will understand that.   It is CRAZY but so true!