Sunday, April 15, 2012


Solomon Christmas 2011
Yesterday, I had a great busy day.  I helped JennyO around the barn  with unloading a new shipment of hay.  She fed and turned out in the morning.  I clean the stalls and barn chores.  I brought Solomon along for the morning adventures.
Australian Shepherd
He and JennyO's Australian Shepherd, Zeke, did not hit it off well.   Time Solomon got out of the car, Zeke sniffed then tried to mount him. Zeke is not fixed and is used as a stud from time to time.  Solomon just stopped and gave Zeke a stern look as if to say "Dude this is not gonna end well".  JennyO kept saying that Zeke was acting like he was gonna get him some.  Solomon was trying to explore and not to engage in a fight but Zeke tried to mount him one time too many and snapped.  JennyO happened to be rolling up an outdoor thick extension cord and used that to break up the fight.    Solomon, I guess said "Darn it I'm fixed but I'm not your b*tch!!".  After that JennyO but Zeke up and Solomon played with her Jack Russells, Chester and Bailey.  I will have to take some pictures of the dogs and Felix at JennyO's.

JennyO  to leave to go to a horse to announce.  I completed the barn stuff and set up another jump in the arena. Visited with Felix in his pasture for a bit then went home for awhile.  I  left Solomon at home and went to sit with JennyO at the horse show for awhile.  It is very enlightening to watch the actual judges judge at the horse show.  JennyO sent Zeke home with me. He hopped in the car in the backseat where Solomon rides and sat so sweetly. He is a sweet beautiful dog and he passes that along to his offsprings.   I got to JennyO's and did evening chores...bringing in the boys and feeding all under Zeke's watchful eyes.    I rode Felix and settled the boys in for the night with hay an their sheets.  JennyO and I had dinner at the Pizza joint. 

I woke up today with a bad headache. There is something wrong with waking to be slammed with a headache. However, I thank God that I am still in the land of the living.  I have been lazying around in and out of bed.  I soon have to get up and go do evening barn chores again. I told JennyO since she was going to be busy with the show that I would do the barn this weekend.  This would give her a break.  There are only 3 horses but still it is work.  I also want to ride Felix.  Headache or no headache, I still want to ride him.  For riding him is the highlight of most of my days.  Being on Felix in particular at the apex of a jump when you and your horse are in sync is bliss!!  For that split second I'm Queen of the world!!  I may not even ride but he ALWAYS makes me smile.   Hopefully at the end of my time at the barn, my headache will be gone!!

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