Monday, April 16, 2012


I have settled into a groove and it is NOT all good.  In some ways I am still finding my stride after divorce.  I only have to worry about me and my beasties,  however  I have to break some bad habits that I have recently developed.
  1. I have settled in a routine of  getting in to work anywhere from 7 to 10AM (mostly near 10AM).  I need to do better.  I need to get in earlier so that I will have time to go home and either let Solomon out or pick him up to go with me to the barn. Yeah.. Yall  had to know that my motivation was somehow related to Felix !!  LOL!!  What can I say beside I live to ride and ride to live!   LOL!!  Maybe that way I will be able to get home at a decent hour.
  2. I need to keep up with my household chores.  I keep playing catch up because I was too tired or lazy to do it in a more timely manner.  Just throwing the junk mail in the trash immediately will help and some other easy fixes. I got to get organized and put my plan in action. Afterall it is just me and Solomon living in this house, it should not be that hard.  I just have to break the bad habits that allows this to happen.
  3. I need to make sure I exercise at least 5 days a week.  When I don't ride, I need to hit the treadmill.  I am helping Jenny around the barn.  Barn chores are hard work.  Picking stalls and pushing the wheel barrow when it is full to go dump it is a workout.  Leg, arms, and back workout. So the barn chores will help keep me in shape.  My poor kettle bells  have not been used for over a month now.  I got to pull it back together especially since I have been slowly gaining weight. I must ride Felix longer to increase both of our fitness.   Even he on some days after only 15 minutes of work ask the question "We are done right?" and proceeds to anticipate me stopping.  That just goes to show you that our workouts are not as long and focused like they should be.  That leads to.....
  4. Felix and I need to start back working with a trainer, so we can progress.  I have been pretty much doing it on my own for over a year now but we still need someone to push us to be better.  I need that set of eyes on the ground that can tell me what I am doing right or wrong and how to correct it. Also if Im going to show, I want to be great and improve each time out or I can just keep my money.
I will definitely have to work on these things. I will let you guys know about my progress on changing these bad habits. I will conquer them all !!

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Tazzee said...

I have a few bad habits I need to divorce too. Mine are mainly bc of the change in my household. It's been almost 2 years so I need to get it together.