Monday, June 23, 2014


 For at least the past few weeks I pass through a construction zone on the way to and from work.  They have one of these signs posted.  This sign backs traffic up something awful sometimes.  It is just crazy because when you get to the actual bump...  it is only 2 inches at the most deep. It really is an area where they have stripped the pavement down about 2 inches. We have potholes worst that this area.   I end up behind SUVs and trucks of all shapes and sizes and they stop to creep over this area like they are rolling into a black hole.  You can clearly see the deep of the area and that is it a nice and neat area .. it is just a bump.  People don't even slow down that slow for speed bumps which are far worst that this area.  All these SUVs and trucks are supposed to be able to handle a bump at speed faster that 1-2 mph.  They slow me down EVERY morning fooling with this bump. Needless to say I roll right over it like it is not even there in my car.  :)