Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DADDY CRE!! Part 2

I have been in my house over a year now. I am still finding stuff for it.  I look for artwork and other accessories in the regular stores, flea market, thrift stores, and yard sales.  I have been looking for some items of furniture too.  I went to an estate sale and found some cabinet units for my garage. I am trying to get my stuff organized.   I needed someone with a truck to help me pick it up. 

I called my dad because he has a friend up the street from him with a truck.  I called my UncleR who owns a truck but he had already hit the street on his motorcycle with some of his friends. My dad called me and said he wanted  to see the units.  My dad followed me to the place and proceeded to carry them to the car!!  They were light weight and made mostly of plastic.  I thought he was gonna at least take them apart.   But NOOOO!!  My dad  put the two tall cabinets side by side on the roof of the car with a movers quilt underneath  then put the two short ones on top of those. He strapped them down with these ratcheting straps.

  My dad drives a New Yorker with low profile tires!! We were the Beverly Hillbillies!!! Yall  remember the scene where all of their stuff is piled up high on that truck with Ganny in her rocking chair ?

I prayed all the way to my house!! My dad drove like nothing was wrong. He even wanted to make a stop on the way to my house!!  I managed to get him to wait until we had unloaded and then go shopping.  That stuff did not even shift one bit on the way to my house.  I don't know if it was my prayers or my dad's skills but I was so thankful when we made it to my house.  Then I couldn't get the stuff off the car fast enough before all my neighbors saw it.   But they look all nice in my garage!!  Makes it look like I'm gonna be working on some stuff!!  :)