Monday, June 10, 2013


Now  that I got my license, I need a bike. I have been looking around online for my bike.  I found two that in the price and size range that I think I want.

I found a Yamaha 2002 V Star Custom 650

Here is another view.

Here us the second bike....  1997 Honda Shadow VT 600

I think I like the first bike the best because it a 5 speed  as opposed to a 4 speed.

I also found a really good helmet that I really like.  It is very girly without a lick of pink and it  will match just about anything. The more I look at it the more I like it.

It is a monarch butterfly !! How cool!!  It also comes in pink but pink does not match everything.  I started out looking for a good solid black helmet  and look at what I will probably be getting. LOL!!  I think it is pretty!!  Should do a great job protecting my noggin cause after all I am still learning.

Photo: Brought my baby back to the ATL from Jax!

My brother brought his bike back to town so we can ride together. He is an University of Alabama alumni ... hence the crimson color. Awesome color ...Awesome looking bike. I LOVE my brother!!

Now we got to find just the bike for me.

He is going to go look at some bikes with me.  I will keep you posted.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


I PASSED !!!!   I pass my motorcycle license class!!!  

Mann....  I was sweating bullets!!   But I passed!!   YAYY!!!

I took the class here    I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in learning to ride.  I am not just saying that because I passed either.  I told my best friend LadyLee after Day 2 that no matter what  I was happy I was taking the class. 

The purpose of this class in my opinion is to teach you basic riding skills and how to be safe.  It provides a nice foundation to build on and an opportunity to get your motorcycle license at the end of the class.

 It was a 3 day class.
 Day 1 was classroom only.
 Day 2 was riding range then classroom.
 Day 3 was riding before lunch.  After lunch one last riding exercise then riding test  followed by the written test.

Day 3 was my favorite because I felt my individual coaching on that day  after each run of exercises really helped me. Our coach helped us along each day but Day 3 coaching helped me alot.  Lord knows when we were doing our exercises, I made more than my share of mistakes.  We were all learning by watching and doing.  Some caught on to some things much faster than others.  During my test after completing a maneuver that I had trouble with almost everytime during practice ......  Mann I wanted to park my bike and hop off  for a dance break that would have included the running man , cabbage patch and the whop !!!  LOL!!  Yep I was happy and proud!!   Our class consisted of 5 men and 3 women.  We all passed. We all routed and tried to help each other along the way where we could.     I think we all left the class with the realization that we must still do alot of practicing.  I for one plan to pracitice riding in my subdivision for awhile after I find me a used bike.

My play brother Kendall stills has his bike and is willing to go riding with me through my neighborhood while I learn.  Also I have a very nice neighbor, who rides a Harley and is game for helping me too.   I plan on taking my time and getting a little bit more comfortable by practiicing.

So this is only the beginning.     Used Bike Shopping here I come!!!