Sunday, June 2, 2013


I PASSED !!!!   I pass my motorcycle license class!!!  

Mann....  I was sweating bullets!!   But I passed!!   YAYY!!!

I took the class here    I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in learning to ride.  I am not just saying that because I passed either.  I told my best friend LadyLee after Day 2 that no matter what  I was happy I was taking the class. 

The purpose of this class in my opinion is to teach you basic riding skills and how to be safe.  It provides a nice foundation to build on and an opportunity to get your motorcycle license at the end of the class.

 It was a 3 day class.
 Day 1 was classroom only.
 Day 2 was riding range then classroom.
 Day 3 was riding before lunch.  After lunch one last riding exercise then riding test  followed by the written test.

Day 3 was my favorite because I felt my individual coaching on that day  after each run of exercises really helped me. Our coach helped us along each day but Day 3 coaching helped me alot.  Lord knows when we were doing our exercises, I made more than my share of mistakes.  We were all learning by watching and doing.  Some caught on to some things much faster than others.  During my test after completing a maneuver that I had trouble with almost everytime during practice ......  Mann I wanted to park my bike and hop off  for a dance break that would have included the running man , cabbage patch and the whop !!!  LOL!!  Yep I was happy and proud!!   Our class consisted of 5 men and 3 women.  We all passed. We all routed and tried to help each other along the way where we could.     I think we all left the class with the realization that we must still do alot of practicing.  I for one plan to pracitice riding in my subdivision for awhile after I find me a used bike.

My play brother Kendall stills has his bike and is willing to go riding with me through my neighborhood while I learn.  Also I have a very nice neighbor, who rides a Harley and is game for helping me too.   I plan on taking my time and getting a little bit more comfortable by practiicing.

So this is only the beginning.     Used Bike Shopping here I come!!!

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Remnants of U said...

Good job! I toy with the idea of learning to ride a motorcycle. But have not committed by learning to ride. I don't really have any close friends that ride so I guess I can blame it on that.