Thursday, March 1, 2012


When I was in elementary school my mother used to walk me to the bus stop in the morning.  There used to be this tall lanky boy that used to carry a Tupperware red lunch box.  I so wanted one of those but I had the brown paper sack.  He also used to have to catch his German Shepard , Smokey, who would wait until the bus was rolling up the street to escape out of his backyard. This used to happen ALOT!! We would all yell "There go Smokey!!!"   LOL!! He would have to put down his books and lunchbox to run and catch  Smokey. The bus driver would wait for him.  We adopted each other. We just claimed each other from way back then til now. I always wanted a brother so I guess I just went and found me one. :)  In middle school when I started trying to wear lip gloss, he was the typical big brother and gave me the hardest time.  I followed him to a magnet high school. He even taught me how to get good rotation on my free throws and jumpers. We always kept track of each other.   I used to call his house and tell his mother that it was his sister calling.  Mind you his parents were divorced, she probably thought his dad had been busy. LOL!! She finally met me and she liked me too.

We used to catch public transit across town to catch the school bus for high school.. He delivered us from that for a while. He got an old beat up Chevette. The ca radio did not work but he strapped a boom box to the emergency brake that did not work either. Mann you could not tell us ANYTHING!!  We were not catching the bus!! We parked right next to the Beamers and other new cars with pride. We didn't care.  That was our Mercedes!!   We ran track together.  He used to sprint and I ran distance.  I also ran cross country. He was very good and I was a "Steady Eddie" kind of runner.  I used to hold all his awards and such at the meets as yelled my head off for my brother.  We have shared so much over the years.. weddings, births,  graduations, success, failures, divorces, etc.  Hell he brought his ex- wife before he married her to meet me before meeting his mother. I needed to see this girl he was engaged to. Yes I approved!   We were and are sincerely each other's cheerleaders.

Some would say that he got put in the friend zone and that would be right.  People used to ask me about our relationship but we have ALWAYS been friends.  I don't think I would ever allow myself to think any other way because our friendship means too much to me.

Anyhow, I went to his oldest daughter's track meet.  This was her 3rd track meet.  The school where the meet was held was HUGE!!  That school had all kinds of  fields,  a stadium, and tennis courts. When we were in school we definitely did not have it like that!  She is very tall and slim. Guess what?! She runs ALL my old events 800, 1600, and cross country.  I surprised my brother by going because the meet was way the heck out!! (1 hour from downtown)   I was trying to figure out how I was going to find him in the stands.  I saw his motorcycle in the lot.  No sooner than I left the ticket booth, this guy was walking and caught my eye.  It was his walk!!  I smiled to myself  I knew it was him.  I followed him and said his name.    Surprise!!    We sat up in the stands and yelled for his daughter.  We also talked about our track days. We had fun.  She had her PR in both of her events because we yelled !!  She ran HARD!!

People who love us and truly just want the best for us are PRICELESS!!   I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY BIG BROTHER!!!