Sunday, February 26, 2012


Last night I was doing some shopping for something to make for dinner, and my friend and  former trainer called to invite me to attend the 2nd day of a Pat Parelli clinic.     I  had in mind of doing what I try to do almost every weekend.. catch up on house cleaning.  Well, anyone who knows me knows horses rule my world.  I will drop everything almost to do something horsey. Well  She had scored some free tickets and we were going and gonna have fun.  How could we not with horses around and horse products on display?

Back to the dinner I was supposed to be cooking. I did not cook NOTHING! After all that shopping, I stopped on the way home and got some fast food.  My ground turkey tacos were the bomb tonight! 

Pat and Linda Parelli

Pat and Linda Parelli do horse riding clinics all over and can be seen on TV or on their many DVD collections.  They have had much success in the area of horse training using natural horsemanship methods where you use less forceful or gentle methods.
We went and had fun and learned a few things.  We watch some demos. In one demo this lady worked with her horse from the ground and then rode bareback and bridle less.   My favorite highlight was seeing  a Para Olympic rider who will be competing at the World Games in Dressage perform. She has NO use of her legs so they put them in the stirrups and anchored them so they were at the right angle.  She rode by only  her body position and reins.  She was AWESOME!!!  You would not even notice that she was not an able body rider.  She got her horse to do some dressage maneuvers that most riders wish they could get their horse to do.  Her horse was  AWESOME too.  It was so inspiring!!  REALLY!! 
I was inspired and could not wait to ride Felix.  LOL!!  I was determine that we could do some of the stuff  they were doing at the clinic. LOL!!  I got to the barn and got Felix all ready. I spent extra time grooming like I used to at our old barn.  I think we both enjoyed that.  I even messed up my fresh twist out with my helmet. LOL!   I just took my time and work with Felix at the walk first and move on from there.  We did well and even were able to do some of the things from the clinic.  YAYY!  We are getting our confidence in each other back and trying to get fit.  Felix and I have an ongoing convo when I ride.  :)   On our good days he makes me laugh while I ride. He will do something that will make me laugh.  Since I love too ride so much that in itself makes me happy.  When we finished our ride Felix  got to eat grass around the barn while I put my tack away and cleaned up.  I sat on a box near him and waited until he finally came over to me and gave him a carrot.  He could not resist coming over to me., his person.  :)  I LOOOOOOVE MY FELIX!!!