Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It Has Been Awhile...

I know yall.  I have neglected my blog something awlful.  I have had ALOT to say too.  I have been busy too.   There have been two major events in my life since my last blog. 

The first event was my Uncle Richard passed.
He was one of my daddy's brothers.  He used to own and run several gas stations when I was little.  Then he started working on cars in his backyard in his large garage.  I do not ever remember him working for anyone but himself.  He loved to have gatherings over to his house for friends and family.  He rode motorcycles all my life and still was riding strong at 75 years old!  I mean he used to RIIIIDDDE!  He would race and go on good ole road trips with his crew.  He and my dad used to do all kinds of crazy stuff on their bikes when I was little.  Uncle Richard used to have a motorcycle club in which he was president.  With the motorcycle guys his nickname was "Daddy D*ck"    I know .. you would never guess that guy in the picture above had a black leather motorcycle club jacket with that nickname printed on the back.  He wore it with pride too!!  He was probably about 5'3" and loved to wear  this huge cowboy looking motorcycle belt with cowboy boots.  He was also king of the grill at ALL of our family gatherings.
We connected because he understood my love for horses because of his love for his motorcycle.  He used to get such a kick when I talked about Felix because he used to say I lit up when I spoke about him.  He would smile and laugh.  He did get to see Felix.  Our cookout will not be the same without him.  Going over to their house is not going to be the same without  being able to stroll out back to the garage to chat with him. 

Here is a picture one of my cousins took of  part of the motorcycle line up for the funeral.
 They rode upfront with the police and helped slow down all the other lanes on the expressway during the precession.  It was very emotional to see and the guy who taught my uncle to ride rode my uncle's bike out front. 

We will miss him.  RIP  Uncle Richard.  I will love and remember you always.

My favorite story about my uncle is the Watermelon Story.

My Uncle and his motorcycle club went riding somewhere in south Georgia. The used to ride out pretty deep and even included at least one truck and a van.  The truck had my uncle's racing bike that he built with a friend.   The pulled in to the strip where people used to race in this country town.  The white guys were laughing at my uncle's bike and called it ugly.  They just did not know that the club members had nicknamed the bike "The Big Ugly".  Uncle Richard asked the white guys if they wanted to race.  They white guys did not have any money left but my uncle noticed that they had a truck of watermelons. So my uncle put up money against a truckload of watermelons.   They unloaded the bike and my uncle and his friend put the motor in right there on the spot. The won the race and their motley crew of motorcycle rider's  rode off with watermelons everywhere they could put them.   One rider said "We ain't gonna leave nam one!!"   They rode through the next town giving away watermelons.  LOL!!!    I love it!!   The Big Watermelon Giveaway!! 



Monique said...

Awww what a sweet story. I'm sorry for your loss but I'm sure he's smiling down on you.

CowgirlCre said...

@Monique Thanks girl! Im sure he is smiling down and cooking his ribs. LOL!!

Mrs Count said...

That story is hilarious, watermelon for everybody!

I'm glad his motorcycle friends came out, that's a very touching picture.

CowgirlCre said...

@Mrs Count- HILARIOUS!! The guy who told the story was laughing so hard he had tears rolling down his face. My stomach hurt by the end of this story. He did a much better job of telling it than I did but it is still funny.

Single Ma said...

RIP uncle Richard.

Daddy D*ck rode The Big Ugly and put it down on them suckas. That wallamelon story should go down in history as the best AZZ WHOOPING EVA! And I am dying at the visual of bikers getting it down the street with a bunch of watermelons everywhere. LOL!

Tazzee said...

I'm sorry for your loss. RIP Uncle Richard.

That story is hilarious! They didn't leave nam one!

CowgirlCre said...

@SingleMa Yes I bet it was a sight to behold. All those bikers w watermelons bc they all would not fit in the van and truck!!

@Tazzee Thanx! And not nam one!!


Adrienne said...

So sorry for your loss!!! (((HUGS)))

CowgirlCre said...

@Adrienne Thanks! ((HUGS))