Monday, November 11, 2013

Belated Birthday Post

Who does a belated birthday post for themselves???   Yep  Ya Girl CowgirlCre!! 

I  have been doing too much blogging in my mind and not actual blogging  online.   I have been sick for awhile so during that time, I was struggling. I still have not gone back to riding Felix as much as I used to.  That was one of my mother's first major signs that something was not right. When she found out I was not going to see my boy,  she got worried.  The good news is after a slew of tests and scans, I am on my way back to feeling normal. 

I had an awesome birthday!! First off I did not go to work!!  Nerp!!  LadyLee had to hold the cube down by herself.    Oh!!  You know a big chunk of my birthday month I was on furlough ... Thanks to the Tea Partyist!!! .  I little more I would have my whole birthday month off!!  I slept in and read in bed for a little bit.  Had a nice breakfast.  I spent the bulk of my day with Felix at the farm.  I babied, brushed, petted, and rode him.  I loved it!! 

My nieces  picked me up and took me to dinner at Metro Café Diner.

The diner serves a little bit of everything ... breakfast to gyros to sandwiches to fried chicken. Oh and they also have fabulous cakes !!  They are open 24 hours a day.  I have two nieces Baker S (Need new name for her ... she bakes cakes) and College.  Baker S has two kids a girl and a boy.  We had a great time talking and cutting up.

For the week of my birthday and the one following several of my co workers took be out for lunch.  I got several pairs of handmade earrings and cards.  LadyLee blessed me with one of her signature cards and a gift card to my favorite place to eat lunch at work!!

  My sister asked me what I wanted for my birthday?  I had to think and I came up with I wanted a real part of cowboy boots!!   With a name like CowgirlCre , you are supposed to have a real pair of cowboy boots!! 
I also got myself a few things:   I brought a motorcycle leather jacket and another laptop.  I cracked the screen on my old laptop so I had to suck it up and buy another. 
I also put my motorcycle in the shop for some repairs. I found out that they would come pick it up for me. Wish I had know that earlier, maybe I could have had it back in time for my birthday.  

The guys at GasHead Motorsports have been very cool to me and hopefully the repairs to my bike will not break the bank!! So far that have been pretty reasonable and helpful.

Well I had a rough start to my birthday month but finished with a flourish!!  Overall it was a GREAT birthday month.    Hopefully I will have many more awesome ones.  

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