Sunday, July 28, 2013

CowgirlCre is Still Here !!! :)

I have been struggling at work for a while.  The work morale is still very low.  We even had our annual picnic in a park near the job.  Nope I did not go.  I stayed at work and it was very peaceful.  I like my job but the politics associated with it is very frustrating.  Can I just come to work and do my job without dealing with a whole lot of BS??  Clearly that is just too much to ask for.

Anyhow... I have been a little drained lately. I guess taking some time off is really LONG overdue.  So  I will be off the first part of the week.   I have been dragging so bad that I have not been going to see Felix as much as I have been plus it has been raining cats and dogs here in the "A".  I have Felix at a very nice farm. They take very good of my boy.  For example, Felix lost a shoe and they called the farrier to put it back on and I got a call from both the farm manager and the farrier with updates.

In the past,  I have only allowed my trainers to ride Felix.  Every blue moon somebody else would ride for me.   Since I have not been going out as often, my trainer would ride him for me. She told me that she had allowed a student to ride him.  Felix spooked at a buzzard and the girl fell off.   My first instinct was you did not ask me before allowing her to ride.  But I really wanted to let the girl to ride him at least one more time after coming off.  In a way I do not want to be selfish with Felix. I remember people allowing me to ride their horses.  I have decided I am NOT ready for that.   I like being the one who rides him the most.  I like being in tune with him.  I definitely do not want anyone jumping him but me and my trainer. If something happens to him  that is my vet bill.  I like to know if he acts up about something, I like to know why or that it was MY fault.  So tomorrow I will be telling the trainer that after re thinking,  I don't want anyone else riding Felix but her and that I want to be the one to jump him.   I am really possessive and selfish with him.  I thought I could loosen up a little bit but guess not. HIS IS MINE!!    :)

This week I will put up a few post. 

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