Monday, January 18, 2016


Today as we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I watched Selma for the first time. Yep I know I am very late. I have even had the DVD in my house since it was released.  For whatever reason I never watched got around to watching it.  It seemed fitting to watch it today.

I felt it was a GREAT movie and I really liked the humanness of Dr. King and all the people involved in the movement. The relationship between key people in the movement and Dr. King.  I loved the fact that they showed that everyone did not always agree with Dr. King.  They also showed that being non violent was a struggle for the movement participants. I loved the scene where a black man is looking for guns on Bloody Sunday.   He was told is has nothing to do with was is biblical or what is right but just as soon as 2 whites are killed 10 blacks will be because they (whites) have pump guns, airplanes, tanks, and a whole army and that is FACT.  

Over all Ava DuVernay did an AWESOME job!

After watching this movie, I was compelled to go visit and ride my horse Felix.   Because of their fight for equal rights, I am able to enjoy my greatest joy ...riding Felix! I am so glad that I get to own and ride my boy! We owe them so much for the many things that we almost take for granted.  Choosing to stay where you want to stay, driving the car you want to, sitting on the bus, train, or whatever where you choose to.  Going to school whatever.. and so many more!
My mother always ask me the same thing whenever I move Felix to a new barn like did just last week.  Her question is always "Are there any other blacks?"  My standard answer "No".  I have only ever boarded at one place where I was not the only black there. (There was a total of 2 that included me.)   I am okay with this. All I care about is that they treat me and my horse well. I can tell sometimes people are kind of surprised when they see me but soon after chatting with me are totally fine.

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