Friday, November 6, 2015



I have been away for a good long minute.  A whole lot of stuff has happened both good and bad.   Anyhow I am back !!  I am going to share some of my best news. I am sure that this post will make you smile and laugh.  Get ready it is probably going be long but have plenty of pics. I got to catch yall up on a major development.


8 weeks old

This pic was taken before he even had a name. I held pup naming contest and everything. We had all these cute potential names like Bentley (tuxedo dog), Axel, and a few others. I have even forgotten most of them along with which one I was leaning toward.  This little guy when put in his crate, he would try to climb the corners of the crate and slam his body against the crate.  Soon it just was clear that he needed a tougher name than any of the ones I was considering.   So the choices became Rambo (bc he rams the crate), Tank, Diesel, and Samson.  I picked Diesel.
I took Solomon with me to the pre - adoption meet and greet.  Solomon ( 11 yrs old) was trying to figure out who and what this little thing was that kept trying to jump on and bite him.  So he started practicing avoiding him  but watching from a far.
Diesel weighted about 15 lbs  but was well on his way to becoming a puller.  I always said that I will not have a dog pulling me up and down the street. I tried all the techniques that I used on the other dogs I have had over the years to no avail. I did not have the time or the patience this time around especially for such a stubborn, 'never say die'  little puppy. Diesel was just a determined little puller.   I took him to Blake Rashad, a trainer, in my area when he was only 9.5 weeks old.  He stayed at the trainers home where he only takes in a few dogs at a time.  Five days later my pup came home walking much better on a leash and knowing basic commands both verbal and hand signals.  He was a quick study.

Diesel's first shopping trip at 10 weeks
 When Diesel came back home, Solomon acted like he really missed him.  I took them outside in the backyard and Solomon actually initiated play for the first time. Solomon first had to do a stare down and Diesel had to submit by sitting and looking away. Then they could play!!

The Stare-down 10wks
"Diesel can we just play?"
Playtime !! 10wks
He was such a chubby big pawed puppy. I took him everywhere I could so that he would get used to people, other animals, and not to get dependent on Solomon. The people at the barn just love him even now when he does not even have puppy breath anymore. He thinks horses are just funny big dogs and everyone is here to love on him.

Chubby Puppy

When Diesel came back from school, I realized that Solomon needed to brush up on his training.  So they both had to practice stays and other commands before dinner, after walks, and other random times too.

 I brought a doggy backpack for Diesel so that we can walk the same distance but have him work a little harder. I put a bottle of water in each pocket. So he carries 2lbs of weight, this helps burn more of that puppy energy.  I think Solomon absolutely loves going on walks which I had never done with him on a regular basis.  I felt kind of bad about that because he loves going on walks and he could have been enjoying them all along. I was a bad mommy in that area. Diesel got to go on play dates. My friend has a deaf dog ,Tyke.  She was using hand signals to tell him to sit and my Diesel came flying over to sit so fast. That was when I realized that the hand signals that Diesel learn in school were universal.  How cool!! 

Pals  (Tyke, Reba, Diesel)  9 months
Walk in the Park ( 8 months)

Diesel is a great little big puppy. Now his is an energetic television watching, wrestling, boxing, lovable puppy. He loves everybody but is learning how to be a good watch dog from Solomon.  His alert "big boy" bark is already much fuller that Solomon's.  I took him with me to the ATM one night. He saw a guy walking to his car and used his " big boy" bark for the first time and startled me.  He weighs about 52lbs at 10 months old.  He watches the Falcons with me every game day in red and black bandana.
My boys on the Deck  about 7months

Halftime Pig Ears  9 months
Dressed Out for Falcons Game Day ( 9 months)

He loves riding in the car especially to the barn ( 10 months)
I hope yall enjoyed this post about my little big guy. I will be back to posting.


BOP said...

Looks like you have a wonderful family. Thank you for sharing.

CowgirlCre said...

Thanks BOP!! Diesel is a sweet addition. He drives Solomon and I crazy sometimes with his puppy energy when we was to chill. I love both my rescues. I love having them in the house with me.