Thursday, February 7, 2013


I Cowgirl Cre declare today February 7th a holiday here at the Chronicles in honor of Ladylee's birthday ( )


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Sorry Right now I don't have a better pic!! 
Lee is my best friend.  We met in college and have been rolling strong ever since.  She is my cubicle mate at work.  Work is not the same when she is out because I need to have our uplifting convos or peanut gallery discussions.  We are almost always able to crack each other up which definitely helps the day past.  Plus we are always sharing snack and other stuff with each other.  Lee has a very giving spirit and is always LOOKING for the opportunity to sow a seed in someone.  I strive to be more like her in that area.  She is all about self improvement too.  

She is an AWESOME  OLD CHICKEN!!!!!  

SO put on your spandex suit  like in the pic below and dance !!!

Lee LOVES music especially the old stuff from our childhood.  It is your day !!!   LADYLEE is going on a holiday!!!  Just like Patti says!! (Lee dug wayyy back in the crates and found this one but we love it in our cubicle.) 

This one is for you!!!  Lee, just picture me in my desk chair sanging loud and proud ..."Look into my eyes and reeeead  what the sign has to say !!!" 


LadyLee said...


gal! I was looking in the margins and saw the birthday tribute. HA HA!!!

Thanks for the laugh. I am GLAD that I am not in the cubicle today! I miss you much, but I don't miss our cubicle!

You and Meek hold the cubicle down, you hear me? You will see me on Monday or Tuesday!

CowgirlCre said...

Lee- HAA HAA !! Meek and I are holding it down!! You know I will play some music in your honor when we get ready to leave!! LOL!!

You need to go get one of those burgers you love some time while you are off !!

LadyLee said...

Man... I sure do. I wish they would let me work the grill for half a day. I want to know how they make an oatmeal and brown rice! YUM!