Monday, January 21, 2013


Anyone who has being reading my blog for any amount of time knows that I have a little furry man named Solomon running around my house.  He is my constant companion,  head of security, and comedian.  He has his own bed in my bedroom.  Every night he sleeps in a minimum of 3 location.  He changes locations throughout the night.  Well I was in the bed the other night, I heard the crinkle of some paper by the side of my bed.  I thought WTH is he doing?  Did he find something?  Is he eating something he should not?    I flung myself to the side of the bed to look underneath only to see my precious boy laying pretty contently  under my bed looking at me.  He looked like he was asking "What's wrong with you?" LOL!!    So then I had to make sure the sinker was not stuck... so I called him from under the bed.  My bed is a platform bed, so it is close to the floor.  I watched him army crawl his way out.   Mind you Solomon is a 65 lbs flat coated retriever.  So he was really flat while crawling!!  LOL!!  I petted him and he turned around and went back under my bed!!  Since he is black, I could not get a decent picture of him staring back at me from underneath my bed.   He has taken up this new spot the last few nights when we go to bed.  When I wake up he is almost curled up in his bed. 

OH.... Well I have tried to upload pics of  Solomon only to be road blocked my errors.  So no pics in this post. 

Here is an update on his new spot....   Right after this original posting,  I got tired of laying in bed listening to Solomon army crawling around under my bed panting and whining.  I asked him to come out and go somewhere else.  He came out only to go right back.  I went right to the closet for my broom.   I got him out  and out of my bedroom !!   He only returned to the bedroom in the morning when I called him ... my door was not even closed all the way.  He must have thought me and the broom was waiting for him. LOL!!  He came in and followed my around as I got ready for work.   He got evicted from his new spot!!   Sorry Mann !!  You will not be disturbing me at night with all that craziness.  

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LadyLee said...

It drives me nuts when Oscar Tyrone is up all night walking around. I can only imagine how ratchet it is to hear noise from under the bed!